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Signal Trading Group provides perspective on which markets to trade, context around how aggressively to trade and the direction to trade.

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Market Perspective

This section provides a general overview of the futures markets we track. Basically we use this section to determine which markets/sectors we want to include in our trading portfolios. Specifically we review trading performance over different time periods, evaluate high or low correlations phases and monitor risk metric comparisons within sector groups.

If you're looking to add a new market into your portfolio ... this section will provide perspective.

Market Context

This section provides the building blocks to some of our trading systems. They are not to be taken as buy sell recommendations. Basically we use this section to determine a markets environment. Specifically we review our watch lists to evaluate if a markets trending, in a position to potentially reverse or in a consolidation phase.

If you're looking to evaluate a markets environment … this section will provide context around the markets

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