Only one market will be crowned Champion …

Basketballs’ March Madness comes but once a year … but Futures Market Madness occurs every month. Here is how it works … at the end of each month we set the seeding for the markets. Forty futures markets, across eight diversified sectors, are available for the tournament, but only 16 will make the cut. The top eight performers and the bottom eight performers from the previous month will make the big dance. 

Seeding will be given to each market. Seeds 1 and 2 will be given to the top performers and seeds 3 and 4 will be given to the bottom performers. The top number 1 seed will go up against the bottom seed similar to March Madness. Seeding begin in the Midwest bracket followed clockwise by the East, South and West sections.  With the brackets set for the month … each market will battle its opponent on a weekly basis with the winners advancing. Markets that outperform their opponent, by even as much as by 0.01%, will move onto the next level until an overall champion is crowned.

Futures Market Madness will take four weeks to complete. Week one equates to the Sweet 16. Note the first week may be abbreviated, based on the calendar, so Cinderella markets could have a great opportunity to advance. The next three weeks will see winners move to the Elite Eight, Final Four and ultimately to the Finals, where a champion will be named Top Market for the month. 

Tournament Overview:

  • Seeding based on previous months performance (Orange)
  • Week 1: Sweet Sixteen (Tan)
  • Week 2: Elite Eight (Blue)
  • Week 3: Final Four (Gray)
  • Week 4: Championship Finals (Green)
  • The → arrow denotes weekly winners.


Futures Market Madness Bracket:

Click to enlarge.