Full Title: Trend Commandments: Trading for Exceptional Returns

Author: Michael Covel (Twitter @Covel)

Publisher/Date: FT Press (2011)

List Cost/Pages: $26288 pags

Cover Notes:
Do you ever think the stories you hear about great trading, and the gains produced, sound like luck?  Do you ever wonder if there is a real method and philosophy behind the success stories?  The concepts condensed into Trend Commandments: Trading for Exceptional Returns were gleaned from Michael Covel’s 15 years of pulling back the curtain on great trend following traders.  It is a one of a kind money making experience that forever lays to rest the notion that successful trading is akin to winning the lottery.  Winning has a formula, as does losing.  Covel nails both head on.  Getting rich is a fight; make no mistake about it, but at least now with Trend Commandments you have a primer that allows you to crack the code of the winners.


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