Full Title: Trading Options: Using Technical Analysis to Design Winning Trades

Author: Greg Harmon

Publisher/Date: Wiley (2014)

List Cost/Pages:  $75 Hardcover / 240 pages

Cover Notes:
The key to success is being prepared and working hard, says authorGreg Harmon. Part of this preparation is using proven tools to makeimportant decisions about your money and your future. In TradingOptions: Using Technical Analysis to Design Winning Trades, the founder of Dragonfly Capital Management, LLC shares his unique process for trading stocks and options using technical analysis. Although not yet a widely accepted methodology, technical analysis is quickly becoming a popular mainstream technique for trading in a volatile market.

Harmon presents a series of four building blocks that move you from broad investment ideas to more specific trading strategies using technical tools. His techniques are based on traditional methods such as manual chart examination (as opposed to relying on scanning tools), which he then adapts for a modern era. The book is written to be both a learning tool and a reference guide about smart trading for stocks and options, presented in plain English, to help anyone be more prepared to find success with their investments.

Beginning with how to identify market trends and causes of change,Harmon dives deep into market influencers and inter-market relationships. He includes a discussion of the S&P 500, emerging markets, the US Treasury, and market indicators. Identifying trends, Harmon says, will allow you to predict which way 70% of the market will move over time. It is a simple concept that forms the basis of deeper trend analysis opportunities discussed in the latter part of the book, and can move you beyond the major Index ETFs and ahead of the majority of investors.

The advanced strategies within are presented in an easy-to-digest manner, with straightforward discussions and clear price chart examples that don’t require an advanced degree in Mathematics or Engineering. It is a book designed to be useful to everyone, event hose who only have a 401k. The basis of technical analysis is not a hard and fast set of rules, but rather a historical look at prices and at what could be in the future. Trading Options is your authoritative resource on using technical analysis to profit when trading indexes, sectors, stocks, or options.

Stendahl Comment:
“Looking for a comprehensive guide to options, look no further,Trading Options delivers a well-designed top-down approach perfect for any trader. The trading plan outlined will have you trading more effectively in no time. Read it, learn it, breathe it … Greg delivers the goods.”
— David Stendahl