Full Title: Extreme Weather and Financial Market: Opportunities in Commodities and Futures

Author: Lawrence Oxley

Publisher/Date: Wiley (2012)

List Cost/Pages:  $60 Hardcover / 210 pages

Cover Notes:
Record-setting snowfall, cyclones in Australia, chronic drought in Russia, and other dramatic weather events are getting front page attention around the world, while politicians and scientists bicker over the causes and effects. But what about the impact of extreme weather on investing opportunities? Extreme Weather and Financial Markets presents a fascinating look at the ways in which opportunities in the stock, bond, and futures markets are changing with the weather.
Extreme weather has had—and will continue to have—a deep and lasting impact on a wide range of industries, regardless of whether it gets worse or the seemingly freak events of the last few years become the new norm. Looking at these conditions in detail, the book shows which investment opportunities will be the winners and losers of extreme weather events. Addressing specific global climate shocks—excess snow and ice; flooding mines; farmland droughts, floods, and frost; hurricanes and tornados; and timberland fires—this book presents a compelling, easy-to-understand overview of investment opportunities affected by dramatic weather.

Extreme Weather and Financial Markets outlines three fundamental tools essential for becoming a savvy extreme weather-based investor—a discussion of the financial markets and investment opportunities available, 17 key rules for extreme weather-based investing, and detailed action plan tables that provide information on practically every commodity in every location during any extreme weather event. In addition, a handy index that lets you quickly locate exactly the action plan you need in any given circumstance makes this book essential reading for any investor who wants to understand the real “financial climate.”

With its wide-reaching geographic and geologic coverage, this remarkable volume offers a novel new resource for investors. As devastating as climate change has shown itself to be, its potential for new investing opportunities must not be underestimated. Unbiased in its coverage, the book doesn’t seek to provide an explanation for climate change, just an understanding that to the extent the global climate condition worsens, the more lucrative certain investment opportunities will become.