Natural Gas Earthquake Alert

//Natural Gas Earthquake Alert

Natural Gas Earthquake Alert

Deep Dive Synopsis: 

  • Bull Trend
  • Positive Technical Rating
  • Elastic Level 100 Reading
  • Earthquake Alert
  • Best One-Day Return
  • CVaR Perspective
  • Top Month Return Perspective
  • Support 4.338
  • Seasonal Strength
  • Systems Long
  • ETF Alternative UNG


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About the Author:

David Stendahl is founder and president of Signal Trading Group, an international speaker and the author of four books. He has designed trend, pattern and momentum style trading systems for more than 20 years. He focuses on trading the global futures markets, following a systematic, low leveraged and highly-diversified trading regiment. As a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA,) he traded 40 individual futures markets across eight different sectors.
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