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David Stendahl is founder and president of Signal Trading Group, an international speaker and the author of four books. He has designed trend, pattern and momentum style trading systems for more than 20 years. He focuses on trading the global futures markets, following a systematic, low leveraged and highly-diversified trading regiment. As a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA,) he traded 40 individual futures markets across eight different sectors.

Coffee on the Inertia Watch List

Coffee on the Inertia Watch List Markets with high energy reading are in motion and have typically been in motion for a few days or weeks. When we combine high energy (inertia) with strong existing trends ... trading opportunities arise to take full advantage of the trend. Coffee (KC) is on the list so our [...]

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Gold running into short-term resistance levels

Gold running into short-term resistance levels This watch list focuses on markets that are close to support or resistance levels. These markets are likely to reverse course over the short-term and present possible trading opportunities. Gold, as an example, is modestly overbought and running into various levels of resistance. When a market shows up on this list [...]

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Lean Hogs on Watch List #6

Lean Hogs is a Focus Market that's been added to Watch List #6. This list centers on markets that are experiencing increased energy combined with continued tracking of established trends. Lean Hogs recently broke above key resistance levels which generated buy signals.  As with most breakouts, the thrust will retrace which will present NEW trading opportunities. [...]

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Corn Approaching Support

A number of the grain markets are currently in oversold territory according to our Elastic Level (EL) indicator. Corn, in particular, is strongly oversold with a current reading of -8.25 as of Friday's close. As technicians know ... a market that is oversold can remain in oversold territory for extended periods. For this reason we use [...]

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Grading the Grains

System traders funnel all of their technical indicators into specific buy and sell signals. They then test those systems for stability. The more stable the systems performance is over time, the higher its ranking. If you  test enough systems that follow multiple trading styles (trend, momentum & pattern) and time frames (30/45/60/90/120/EOD & EOW), you can [...]

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Euro Made a BIG Move … Did You Notice?

When you review the performance of a market, you typically focus on Percent Return or Point Value Change. We all do it because we have been trained to look at leaderboards to find out which markets made the biggest moves up or down. The problem with these lists is that they focus on absolute moves [...]

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Percent Profitable Metric

Percent Profitable is not an evaluation metric … it’s a perspective tool. In the real world, Percent Profitable provides no worth when reviewing the performance of a system. Think about it, a friend, colleague, newsletter writer or system vendor tells you they are 90% accurate in their trade selections. You think WOW, they must really [...]

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Wheat ready to move

Wheat (W) has been very quiet for a number months. Once this consolidation phase ends we could see a big move with increased volatility. There are many ways to define volatility. For this analysis we are using an eight week standard deviation of percent return data and then calculation extreme upper/lower levels based on dynamic [...]

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High Energy in the Ten Year Notes

The Ten Year Notes (TY) have been on a tear since the beginning of the year.  Fact is, the Ten Years Notes, are up 2.31% for the month and recently hit a weekly high watermark on our Underwater Volume Index chart (see Chart 1 below).   This surge to new highs has our Energy Level indicator [...]

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