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Welcome the Signal Trading Group resource area. This educational library is designed to provide you with a wealth of information to maximize your education regarding managed futures.

Our Resources

News – our intraday postings regarding market related news, offered in a clear and concise manner, with direct links to areas of interest.

Market Overviews – A full overview for each of our markets complete with 60+ charts.

Seasonal Studies – a seasonal overview focused on historic tops/bottoms, current year accuracy and near-term projections.

Correlation Studies – a detailed visual correlation matrix based on weekly and monthly breakdowns.

Market Watchlist – Are the markets trending, overbought, oversold or near a major top or bottom?

Risk Reward Charts – Historic perspective on a markets risk levels compared with other markets within the same sector.

Performance Updates – Performance updates based on weekly, monthly, quarterly and year-to-date breakdowns.

Market Movies – Educational movies “What do we want to learn today?”

Publications – an archive of reprints from third party magazine articles and investment research written or co-written by David Stendahl.

Reading List – a complete list of investment related books we highly recommended.

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